Episode #5 is finally here!

After a long two week stretch, Episode #5 has been released!  Take a quick peak in to what is going on at the shop this week.  Jeff, our wiring guru, tries to go an entire week without coffee, the bets are on!  We are delighted to get a rare look at an original 1969 429 Boss Ford Mustang as well.  Lots of hard work is going in to building these custom kit cars and restoring these amazing classics!  Enjoy!

Our third episode is a nail biter!!!

Here is episode #3 of our YouTube channel videos.  Check us out and subscribe to our channel for updates on our kit car builds, our custom upholstery work and our amazing restorations!!!  This week, the boys are causing a little bit of trouble as well.


Kit Cars in Canada

A kit car or component car is an automobile that is available as a set of parts that is assembled into a car. Usually, many of the major mechanical systems such as the engine and transmission are sourced from donor vehicles or purchased new from other vendors. Kits vary in completeness ranging from as little as a book of plans to a complete set with all components included.

Xcentrick Autosports Inc. has vast experience in the sourcing, purchase, import and assembly of many different kit cars. We design the vehicle to your style preferences. With the ability to complete the build including installing and tuning the motor and drive train, installing all wiring including accessories i.e. audio and after market options, installing the interior, preparing and painting the body and final finish and testing for turn-key operation.

XKA is at the top of its field in North America!

Here it is! Episode #2

Our second episode is live on our new Youtube channel now!  Subscribe to our channel to receive email notice of new episodes.  We will keep you up to date on kit car builds that we have going on in the shop.  You will see automotive restorations with a little Xcentrick twist.  This week you will see Chris custom painting and pinstriping and somehow the dogs seem to appear every once in a while.  Don’t miss it!





International customers flocking to Xcentrick Autosports!

Word of mouth travels farther than you might think!  Xcentrick Autosports is currently building a 1937 Ford Kit Car for a customer in Chile!  This is the second vehicle that this South American has procured from the Canadian builder and it won’t be the last.  We are building this car to closely represent an original 1937 Ford with a few Xcentrick upgrades.  The vinyl wrapped lift off hard top is something that is very unique.  Originally they were either a convertible or a hard top.  This vehicle is equipped with a modern Ford motor and automatic transmission versus a 6 cylinder or small flat head ford that would have come with it.  The body is custom made out of fibre glass.  Steel was the standard at that time.  It also incorporates a custom steel chassis with modern suspension.  Take a look at the pictures below and follow us for updates.


Once you enter our automotive shop, you don’t want to leave.  We build amazing kit cars, classic restorations and paint cars better than any other Canadian shop.  We have built a family out of our team and our customers and we have a few shop dogs for a daily dose of puppy love.  Subscribe to our new YouTube channel and check out our weekly episodes to keep up on our one of a kind vehicle builds and maybe laugh a little bit at the same time.

Check out the video below.

Stocking stuffers for car enthusiasts!!

From car starters to wireless bluetooth speakers, aftermarket grilles, push bars and spoilers…………we can help you choose the best accessory for your car crazy friends and family for Christmas!!  Great prices, dependable delivery and fast shipping are all things that you can count on when you come to us for your gift needs.

Holiday Specials! EVERY LAST DETAIL – Full in house detailing service

Our detailing package makes a fantastic gift for family and friends who love their rides, contact us today to book and appointment or to purchase a gift card.

Services include:

  • Same Day Automotive Services
  • Interior Detailing
  • Exterior Detailing
  • Wash/Wax/Polish
  • Shine and Protect
  • Restoration of foggy headlights
  • Paint-less Dent Repair
  • Window Tinting

Hand with a wipe the car polishing car wash


20% off 1st regular detail of your car, truck or minivan OR
20% off 1st “Tricked Out’ detail of your car, truck or minivan – Book your appointment by Dec 31, 2016

Exterior Detail Only – $59.00

Interior Detail Only – $99.00

Full Car Detail – $149.00

Full Detail Truck or Minivan – $169.00

“Tricked Out” Detail – $199.00

(includes upholstery stain removal, intense pet hair removal and Armor All Finish)

Should Driver’s Ed Classes Be Mandatory?

New drivers are often the most excited to be on the road, and they are also the most inexperienced. When getting a beginner’s license, a G1, a driver has two options: either wait one year to take the G2 test, after which a driver can drive alone and on highways, or take Driver’s Education classes and wait only eight months.

Driver’s Ed classes are an optional resource that new drivers can partake in if they would prefer to take a more formalized approach to learning how to drive. For a fee, drivers can take in-car lessons along with in-class lessons. The Driver’s Ed program not only shortens the amount of time that a new driver must wait until they can drive on their own, but also provides a discount on insurance fees for the student.

Recently licensed drivers are often nervous about being out on the road with other cars, and the practice can also make them feel more comfortable around other drivers without the actual pressures of driving. However, the ten hours of in-car lessons are also a time strain and an inconvenience.

Over the years, the steps to getting a full driver’s license has increased to a three-test system that many find tiresome and unnecessary when for decades it had been much simpler and easier to get a license. Teenagers often complain that their parents did not have to work so hard to get a license, having only to pass two or even one test before getting their license, and that it is unfair that they have to do much more for the same reward.

On the other hand, a longer education process when introducing new drivers to the road gives them more time to practice the more difficult skills of driving and improves the quality of road safety for everyone else. Theoretically, it will also ultimately lead to better drivers.

Should Driver’s Education classes be mandatory? Does the graduated licensing system actually produce better drivers? — N.K.P.