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Gel coat $260 Painted $500 Fiberglass sign 48″x 48″ Approx. Delivery 4 to 6 weeks


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  1. 3 out of 5

    Hi Niall,This is a new route as far as I know. It hasn’t been on in the last few years anyway. It’s prtety early in the year so I expect numbers to be fairly small as a lot of riders won’t feel ready for 200kms yet. The field in the majority of Audax events is small anyway, even the relatively popular events would only have 50-80 riders. The Kingsmountain might have 20-30 or so, but that’s only a guess. There will be a prtety broad spread of speed, from maybe 18kph average up to high 20 s-30kph, so depending on your pace there should be someone around to ride with. It’s a very flat course I know Bikeroutetoaster always underestimates climbing, but even if it ends up at 1200m, that’s still way less than any other event in the calendar.Cheers, Niall D.

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